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English for Japanese Diplomats

Online or at EJEF Study Centre

EJEF has 40 years experience of equipping Japanese diplomats with the language tools needed for careers in an interconnected global environment. Over 640 diplomats from MOFA have taken our courses to date.

Our English for Diplomats course will help you expand your English skills for use in practical diplomatic situations, international communication and in the discussion of foreign affairs.

Our aim is for you to feel confident using English in a range of diplomatic contexts throughout your career.

Special features of the EJEF English for Diplomats course

  • Tutors who specialise in teaching English to Japanese diplomats
  • Customised course to meet your learning goals
  • High ratio of one-to-one classes
  • Flexible timetabling to fit around your schedule, whichever country you are in
  • Available online or at EJEF Study Centre in the UK

In-Class Course Details [PDF]       

Online Course Details [PDF]

Our aim is for you to be able to:

  • Communicate confidently, naturally and smoothly in English.
  • Engage effectively in the international arena in contexts such as networking, interpreting, diplomatic negotiations, attending conferences, telephoning and meetings.
  • Discuss foreign affairs issues and Japanese diplomacy using a range of diplomatic expressions and vocabulary.
  • Acquire techniques for improved articulation and clarity in speeches and formal conversations. 
  • Employ higher-level listening skills in the accurate comprehension of news and diplomatic broadcasts.
  • Convey ideas in writing with naturalness, precision and sophistication.
  • Summarise and discuss articles from current affairs publications, such as The Economist and Foreign Affairs.

How does the EJEF English for Diplomats course work?

Your course will be designed with different class components, each led by a tutor who specialises in their field.  You will have a combination of tutors, leading to a programme which is consistent, yet varied and exciting.

Your needs will be assessed at a pre-course online interview.  Your course will then be tailored to enable you to make maximum progress.

If you are looking to attain academic qualifications, we can also help you with academic skills, university applications and exam practice (IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge Exams and MOFA English Toitsu Shiken).

 Summer 2022 course details

English for Diplomats   English for Diplomats
Online   In-class at EJEF 

Online Course Details [PDF] 

   In-Class Course Details [PDF]

Contact us at for further information about the English for Diplomats course components and/or to arrange an online conversation via Zoom.

Our vision is your future. 

And the future is you.

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