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Types of Lessons

One-to-One Lessons: EJEF can send a tutor to most areas (residence or office) in or around London and Tokyo. Depending on tutor availability, lessons can be held any time between 7:00am and 9:00pm, seven days a week.

Group Lessons: Group lessons can be arranged for a minimum of two participants.

Intensive Lessons:Intensive lessons can be arranged for those wishing to make rapid progress. Courses are tailor-made to suit the participant's requirements and objectives.

Outline of Courses

Survival Course: To learn practical and useful daily conversation in the limited time available

Basic(1) To master basic Japanese for business and general purposes, grammatical aspects at the basic level, hiragana and katakana, simple greetings and set phrases using “desu/masu”. 

Basic(2) The above plus: to master grammatical structures at latter part of the basic level (Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 level), 100 kanji, dictionary and ta forms of verbs, noun modifiers, conditional forms and adverbial phrases.

Basic(3) The above plus: to master all the grammatical aspects at the basic level (Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 level), 350 kanji, a variety of grammatical structures using the te form of verbs, passive and causative forms of verbs and keigo.

Intermediate (1) The above plus: to master more complex sentence structures and natural expressions relating to Business and General Japanese (Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 level),  extend the range of vocabulary and acquire 600 kanji.

Intermediate (2)  The above plus: to master vocabulary and expressions relating to specialised areas and acquire a sufficient level of Japanese to manage even complex business matters (Japanese Language Proficiency Test N2 level) . 1000 kanji.  

Advanced(1)The above plus: to master advanced level vocabulary and expressions and to acquire communication skills to conduct business in Japanese (Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 level) .   

Advanced(2)The above plus: to master translating and interpreting skills in general Japanese and specialised areas.  

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Evaluation Reports and Assessment Tests

Monthly EVALUATION REPORTS are sent to the participants and their sponsoring companies / institutions outlining attendance records, materials covered and progress made during that month. A comprehensive final report covering all the four skills as well as grammar and general remarks is also sent for future reference. 
EJEF internal ASSESSMENT TESTS are held after 40 hours and 80 hours of tuition to enable participants to become aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Sponsoring companies may also find these assessment results useful when making future personnel decisions.
Please see samples of the Evaluation Reports 
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