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EJEF is a British educational organisation, established in 1973 in Britain, with the express purpose of improving understanding between Japan and the international community. Through its principal activities of teaching English and Japanese, and the provision of training programmes on Japanese and English-speaking business and cultural backgrounds, EJEF provides participants with the basic tools of cross-cultural, international communication.

EJEF aims to provide students with well-structured, well-rounded courses and a customised standard of teaching in a professional environment combined with an overall approach that is highly personal in nature.  This personal approach is exemplified by the small class size (maximum 4) which allows for specific attention to students’ needs, regular feedback sessions and individual relationships with the Managing Director, Teruko Iwanaga, the Director of Courses, Katherine Robinson and the course tutors.  One-to-one sessions are a feature of the EJEF courses, providing further opportunities to address particular areas for development to achieve the specific personal, academic and professional goals of each student.  In addition, almost every student is accommodated in a homestay, which enables full immersion into English language and culture. This combined approach leads to the fulfilment of each student’s and his/her employer’s requirements and promotes cross-cultural understanding.

Most students who come to EJEF have a common reason for doing so in that they are highly motivated to improve their understanding of English. Approximately 90% of our students are sponsored by Japanese Ministries, the remainder consisting mainly of business people.  EJEF aims to provide such students with linguistic skills and, where necessary, a suitable band/score in the IELTS (International English Language Testing System), TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) or TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) exams to achieve and better pursue their goals.

Other students study English in order to facilitate their integration into global society and need a higher level of competence to do this.  EJEF aims to equip such students with the necessary linguistic skills and cultural background needed to enhance their understanding of international society.

EJEF is based at the Lane End Conference Centre. Lane End Conference Centre and EJEF are both trading names of HTS Management Holdings Limited.

Download EJEF's complete Policies Statement here.

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